About Us


The emergence of new and powerful digital technologies, platforms and digital infrastructures has transformed innovation and entrepreneurship in significant ways. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain have continued to revolutionize business models of established industries. Opening new opportunities for start-ups and innovators to build their value creation, proposition and capture on these new technologies.

Digital Ecosystem

Whereas, almost all innovations today rely on technology. With the digital transformation, the emergence of digital ecosystems, and the rising entrepreneurial opportunities, so does the need to learn how startups can develop additional insights, measurement tools and social or cultural implications to keep up with the hype of digital transformation, adapt and take control of this market full of opportunities.

Program objectives

The program “Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation” paves the way to start your own business as a founder or co-founder. Aiming to help young entrepreneurs acquire essential skills required to lead tech enabled ventures and develop digital products/services, or shaping digital strategies. The program is designed to teach Entrepreneurship and provide guidance to young innovators to learn how to be entrepreneurs and how to use technology in businesses, business establishment and finance.